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Why should I meditate?

"“Prayer is talking to God. ~Meditation is letting God talk to you."

Yogi Bhajan

If you want to meditate, your body must be stilled first!

Stillness of the body is the base for an effective meditation. That's one reason, why we practice yoga asanas. Yoga postures prepare us on a bodily level to get into a meditative state.

A perfect asana to support a meditative state is as simple as "Easy pose" (Sukasana). Also focusing on the breath and/or a mantra as well fixing your inner focus on the point between your eye brows (3rd eye; Ajna chakra).

After your prepared your body, comes the challenge: In the stillness of the body, the mind will try to "take over".

This is the moment, when all kinds of thoughts arise and trying to take over and stir the outcome of your meditation.

That's the point, where you have to take the chance to learn to control your thoughts.

Becoming the master of your thoughts mostly does not come overnight, but with practice! ;-)

During meditation you will learn and deepen the characteristics of patience. Just be patient with yourself... and your mind. Let your mind wander, let thoughts come and (especially) go again. Don't hold tight on any thought. Imagine, thoughts are like clouds in the sky. Passing along......No chance to hold them tight. ;-)

Also don't dump your thoughts into the subconscious mind, where they can resurface through any emotional trigger.

Keep your subconscious clean through meditation and practicing "letting go" and "non attachment"!

Through meditation your mind becomes your servant and not your master.

In the beginning it might feel challenging to become still, but as always "practice makes the master". ;-)

Once your mind gets used to the process of meditation it will surrender and meditation awakens a state of inner peace, joy, gratitude and love.

After an extended time of practice you will find that your meditative (neutral) mind will respond instantly. (Learn more about the "neutral mind in another blog. ;-) ) You will be able to rely on your intuition and stay more and more time of your daily life into this elevated, clear state of consciousness.

Being in a meditative state, should not be limited to the time you are spending on your yoga mat, in easy pose or any other yogic posture, looking like a yogi . Its a state, which you want to maintain 24/7.

A wise man ones said: "Everybody should meditate for 30 minutes every day, unless he or she has no time to do so. Then this person should meditate 1 hour per day!".

Taking yourself time to meditate on a regular basis is the best investment you can do in yourself, to become the "master of the house" and be able to tame your (sometimes way to busy or gone wild) "monkey" mind. ;-)


If you got inspired to mediate, but have no idea how and/or what kind of meditation will be beneficial for you, you may take advantage of a personalized meditation.

After a brief chat on the phone or per ZOOM or based on a detailed email I will tailor a meditation practice (you will receive a recording) especially for you and your current needs.

You might be surprised how easy and enjoyable it will be for you to follow my guidance from the comfort and safety of your home!

Just email me and we take it from there: NAMASTE Sabine

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