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What a peaceful and freeing thought being able to actually control our thoughts. Don't be the victim of a sometimes un-controllable "monkey"-mind, which locks you up in a prison of self-fulfilling thoughts.
You are most probably familiar with "The Secret",  "The Law of Attraction", "Think Positive" and so on. All goes back to the same universal law: "You are what you think".......and of course "what you eat". ;-) 

So don't be a victim, but the creator of your thoughts and therefore your life.

You may find all the answers you need in the stillness of your meditation.

A wise teacher ones said: Everybody should meditate for half an hour per day, other then he/she has no time,,,,,,,,,,,then he/she should meditate for one hour! 

So true, the more stressed we are, spinning in circles and running behind time, we would benefit from a mediation.

If you don't know how to meditate you are at the right place. I will show you.....either in an one-on-one or you just your feet wet in one of my classes. You may also try one o my guided meditation, which you can download in my shop! 

I look forward to dive into the realm of calm with you!

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