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Vedic Counselling

When you are able to listen to your soul's whisper and live in synchronicity with your life purpose (Dharma) 
your life will unfold itself beautifully and with ease. 

Vedic lifestyle counselling is a way of self-realization.
It doesn't provide you "ready made" information from the outside, but awakens your inner intelligence.
It is meant to stimulate your intuition to set free your own inner processes of knowing.


During a Vedic/Yogic lifestyle counselling session we do not only address what goes on in a person's live,  but also honour their values, character and purpose. 

This type of counselling aims to truly understand the person in all respects – spiritual, psychological, emotional and mental.

It is a holistic system that sees each individual as a whole, unique human being. Naturally then, it offers each person a way of life tailored to their particular set of psychological, physiological and spiritual needs to pursuit Inner Happiness through Self-Realization! 

Living according to your Dharma is the key to open the door to a truly meaningful and soul-satisfying life.

Dharma—to live with higher purpose—is one of the four Vedic goals.
Other goals are cultivating artha (to prosper), kama (to enjoy life), and moksha (to experience liberation of consciousness).

If you believe I could be of service to you, but a lack of money is hindering you to reach out to me,
please contact me anyway and ask for sliding scale pricing or bartering ! 

We always can support each other!

Vedic Counsellor Sabine Schulte at 3 H Teachings
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