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As a holistic nutritional consultant (graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition ~CSNN)
I educate my clients about the health benefits of natural nutrition.


Holistic nutrition is a special combination of modern science and time-tested wisdom based on the philosophy that each person has unique nutritional requirements. As a certified "Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant" I also integrate modern and traditional Ayurveda in my holistic evaluation and recommendation.

During a holistic nutritional consultation I typically evaluate my client’s nutritional needs by identifying symptoms that indicate health imbalances. According to your body constitution and personal needs I will provide you with a individualized health plan, which includes proper food choices, lifestyle recommendations and/or natural supplements in order to help bring my client’s health back to a state of equilibrium.

I will assess your current stress level, environmental trigger's and evaluating your current stress coping mechanisms. I will monitor my clients’ progress towards set health goals through education, guidance and self-empowering. Encouraging my client's to to become self-responsible for their health. You will learn about the connections between the environment, hidden toxins in food products, different ways of preparation, and the resulting quality of food. 

Optimal functions of the digestive, immune and other body systems is crucial for good health. Together we might recognize food intolerances and allergies, blood sugar fluctuations, causes of inflammation and chronic or acute diseases. 

Included in a holistic natural consultation is self-care and self-awareness for improved mental health.

Ayurveda ("The sister science of yoga")

Ayurveda offers everything that Mother Nature provides to nurture our bodies and nourishes our soul.

This ancient science of longevity is designed to provide us the energy and capacity for optimal, healthy living, while boosting creativity and spirituality.

Ayurveda reflects the greater field of Vedic and Yogic knowledge of which it is an integral part of.

The main emphasis in Ayurveda is on fine-tuning subtle internal processes of energy to keep body AND mind healthy!  


An Ayurvedic practitioner as well as a Vedic Counsellor have the same job description: to remind the student/client of their true nature, to be better equipped to manage, or possibly even transcend their worldly suffering (physical or emotional, chronic or acute pain).

Learn more about this Ancient Healing Technique
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Becky and I are working closely together
to be of best service to our clients and students, that they may achieve 
HOLISTIC Health and Happiness!

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