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Thai Yoga Massage can improve your overall health as well as your yoga practice.

Thai massage is often fondly called "Yoga for the lazy ones". It is a great way to practice yoga, without moving at all. It is yoga, which is done on you. So that you can just BE.

It is wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating. During the massage blockages on the energetic as well physical level are opened up and the Hara (Chi, Prana, Life-force) can flow freely, self-healing can take place and overall good health on all levels is established.

The goal of Thai Massage is to keep the body, mind, and spirit healthy. Nonetheless, it excels in supporting all kinds of acute or chronic misalignments. 
If you noticed being overworked, stressed out, in physical pain, suffer emotionally or experience any form of dis-ease, you may want to consider surrendering to a deeply relaxing, healing Thai Yoga Massage Therapy. 

Yoga and Thai massage are an excellent combination as they complement each other in many ways.

A typical session is 90 min., but can increased up to 2 hours.

If this is your first Thai Massage you pay only   $ 75 for 90 min.

Regular price:  $120 for a 90 min. session and $ 150 for 2 hrs.

Inquiry and book your session at

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