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When is the best time for my yoga practice?

Generally spoken: Anytime is a good time to practice yoga and/or meditate.

But there is also an optimal time to do so. It's called the "Amrit Vela".... the ambrosial time of the day, which are the hours of the day before dawn. Your morning practice should ideally take 2 - 2.5 hours (starting before the sun raises). Ideally ;-).....But be assured: Even a 10 min. consistent spiritual practice will lead to good results.

According to the ancient teachings during Amrit Vela the sun is at a 60 degree angle to the earth. This angle has specific energetic qualities, which are similar to the effect the moon has on the earth's tides. At predawn (between 4 and 6 AM) the world is still quiet and its easier to get into one's yoga practice and a meditative state state to clear the subconscious mind as well.

Maybe you have noticed, that you have awakened at that early time of the day and felt, that you have been in a highly active dream state. This "dream state" was nothing less, than your subconsciousness giving images to your thoughts. If you would get up now (instead of turning around and continue sleeping ;-)), those subconscious thoughts would present themselves in your conscious mind and could (through active meditation) be released. Through this release of thoughts your subconscious mind would be cleansed and become clear and receptive (because you would be consciously connected to your intuition) for the day to come.

Ideally you would start your day like that, but you also could conclude you day with a yoga practice. The sun also stands at the same high energetic and powerful 60 degree angle when the sun sets.


You have 3 options to choose your personal perfect Sadhana (Daily Spiritual Practice)....learn more about Sadhana in another blog......:

1) Before the sun raises

2) When the sun sets

3) Anytime you take yourself time to do so! :-)

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