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What is Yoga?

What's Yoga? Sounds like a peculiar question. Especially these days, where we notice yoga studios everywhere. Just like there is a coffee shop at every corner, there is a yoga studio. And just like at Starbucks, where you can choose between fancy Chi Lattes ("Soy, please.") or a Matcha Latte ("I make a healthy choice here, right.") you can choose between all kinds of yoga styles that suit your liking: Hot Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Beer Yoga etc.

As an experienced yoga practitioner you have more than likely found your personal yoga favourite. May it be Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga ("my personal favourite ;-)) ......the list to choose from is long.

And also over time you might have learned and experienced what yoga REALLY is all about.

Maybe you can remember your very first yoga class and what your biggest concern was?

Am I flexible enough? Do I have the right outfit? Will the brand I am wearing be acknowledged? Do I look fat in those pants? Did I get the best yoga mat? What will the others think about me? What kind of people will be there anyways? And so on.......

BUT what are your thoughts now, when you enter your yoga space?

Do you realize, that there is more hidden in your yoga practice, than what you see on the outside. And that yoga is more than just another sports activity or a healthy lifestyle trend. Yes, it's hip, heading down your fav coffee shop - wearing those tight yoga pants, carrying a yoga mat under the arm or over the shoulder and ordering a latte especially created for you. ;-).

By now you should sense, that yoga is more than just a physical exercise (Asanas) to tune your body, become more flexible, do some nice stretches, tuning your body and find a few minutes to quite your busy mind and take some deep breathes. (Hope your sports bra does allow to do so). LOL If not, get rid of that thing and find something comfy. And also get rid of any other limitation, that might hinder you to practice yoga!

Yoga is a lifestyle. A "forever lifestyle".

Not just a passing fad.

If you really practice yoga you will practice it daily and constantly - in different forms. A yogi/ni is not limited to the practice on the yoga mat!

If one day you will put your yoga mat aside and say: "Ok, that was fun, but yoga is not for me!" - then you did something else on your yoga mat, but yoga in it’s true form.

Yoga is essentially a relationship. And just as in every relationship its success and duration is depending on the commitment and effort ones put into the relationship (doesn't matter if we talk business or love relationship).

Consider the origin of the word “yoga”.

It comes from the ancient word: yoke. And "yoke" has its root in Sanskrit: "jugit". Both mean" "to join together" or "to unite."

Yoga is the union of the individual's consciousness with the Infinite Consciousness. - So here we talk way beyond any relationship you had so far with another human being.

When you practice yoga you surrender to the Supreme Consciousness, which is God ("Yoga has nothing to do with religion. ;-) - You can call this Creative Higher Power whatever you want. - It is not judgmental at all. :-))

Yoga will teach you how to overcome your ego self, discover your True Self and merge with the Infinite Self (Higher Consciousness). Yes, it's true, that Yoga will lead you into expansion of consciousness. The good news are, that this state of altered consciousness was initiated solely by yourself and not a third party of any kind. (No drugs needed to get high. ;-))

And as the icing on the cake it will bring you "Moksha". - No, that is not another Specialty Coffee LOL, although it "tastes" so delicious and is highly recommend to experience. :-) - Enjoy! Moksha is the state of ultimate freedom! (You can learn more about Moksha in another blog ;-)).

Yoga is also a science. The science of awareness.

During your practice you become aware of your limitations (on body and mind), while at the same time you have been given tools to overcome those limitations.

Yoga explores your nature, your potential your commitment, your will power, your Inner and outer strength. Yoga will bring the "Real You" to the surface.

So get real - get on the ground (you don't even need a yoga mat ;-) ) and practice Yoga - just the way it was "invented" thousands of years ago by sages and seekers in the Himalayan.

During the summer month I love practicing outside, being surrounded by nature. Which literally gives me and my students the feeling of uniting (practicing yoga) with Mother Nature.

If you want to join one of my grounding and at the same time uplifting and rejuvenating Kundalini Yoga Classes, please don't hold back. ;-)

You can reserve your spot online @

I hope you will give yoga a chance, that it can give you the chance to become: YOU!


"Yoga is the union of the individual's unit consciousness

with the Infinite Consciousness."

- Yogi Bhajan -

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