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I am stressed...feel headless... and keep running in circles!

Did you ever feel like a chicken, which just got its head cut off? - I know that's not a nice picture to have in your head and it may sound like a strange question. But maybe you know or have even witnessed, that chickens still run around for a few moments (even without head), before their nervous system shuts down completely and they come to an standstill and rest in peace (and roast on your BBQ).

We humans react like chickens, which are sentenced to death.

We are often so stressed out, that we are literally losing our head......losing our mind.....losing control! We can't focus anymore, forget things, react instead of acting consciously and we might here us saying: "I don't know, where my head is/was".

There are also (way too) many moments, when our head is completely filled up with all kinds of thoughts, that there is no room anymore to actually invite a clear thought. Appointments, anxieties, worries, sorrows, pain, uncertainty, excitement etc. are chaotically united and we don't know what is going on in our head.

Even at night, when we lay our head on a cozy pillow we can't find the rest, we where hoping to get in the silence of the night.

Being free of repetitive thoughts, emotional triggered thoughts and thoughts concerning the past or future - a wonderful dream, which is not about to come.....because we just can't fall asleep!

How convenient would it be, if we could just unscrew our head over night, put it on separate pillow and rest in peace. :-)

But there must be a more practical and less invasive solution..... to keep one's head in place and it's thoughts controlled?

You got it.....the answer is meditation. ;-)

Any kind of practice, that brings you into a meditative (neutral) state of Being is equally valuable!

It can be as simple as a walk in nature. Take yourself time for a walk... with no intention, but full awareness. Doing so, you will realize, that there will be a certain moment, in which you will pause, look around in awe und take a deep breath filled with appreciation for life! - That's the moment, when your body and mind have come to a standstill. In this moment your nervous system is adjusting itself and clarity comes back.

Or you can attend a Meditation or Yoga class and you might experience something similar to what one of my regular students experience yesterday. After class she approached me and said: "Sabina, during today's Pranayama I felt like my head was disconnected from the rest of my body. It felt strange. Not sure, if that is a good or bad thing."

I was delighted by her experience and I assured her, that this is indeed a very good thing. :-) How beautiful to know, that through only a few minutes of powerful breathing (pranayama) you can lose your head for a short while and then get it back on again - all refreshed, with a rewired state of mind, in which you can think free and clearly again!

Have a day according to your liking... :-) Take a deep breath, straighten your posture and keep your head up! ;-)




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