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Sabina connects with nature.heic

Living a HOLISTIC,
HAPPY, and HEALTHY lifestyle
 supported by Mother Nature, 
ancient wisdom, and universal knowledge.  

Since the beginning of my fulfilling and rewarding career path
as a holistic health and happiness educator,
Platon's wise words became my guiding star.
The ancient Greek philosopher stated
that for someone who is of service to the other person,
there is nothing more remarkable to achieve than reminding them 
of what they already know.


According to Western philosophies and Eastern religions,

our souls have already lived many lives, have had invaluable experiences,
and have knowledge and the potential to flourish in the form of a human.


We don't necessarily learn anything new,
education and mentors can remind us of what we already know.

However, as human beings, we must learn to transform our gathered knowledge,
inherent wisdom, and spirituality into worldly action.

3 H Teachings holds the key to unlock our potential to move forward
into a healthy, happy, and spiritual future, both individually and collectively

My purpose in your life is simply to serve as a reminder
of what you already know to be true,
but in a state of temporary confusion and angst, might have forgotten.

Let me guide you to a place where you can once again hear the whisper of your soul
and also find the courage to follow its calling. 


Empower yourself by re-connecting with your true Self,
living to your fullest potential,
and enjoying a holistically happy and healthy lifestyle. 


Yoga & Meditation

Sabina Magnus ~ COBRA YOGA .heic

Yoga is a lifestyle rather than solely physical exercise.
In the states of yoga and meditation we unleash our full potential.

Vedic Counselling

Sabine Schulte welcomes you for Counsell

My unique counselling style is based on
universal knowledge and sciences
such as
Vedanta, Ayurveda, and Jyotish Astrology.




Be part of a non-judgmental community to get uplifted, feel heard, and supported! 
Connect with other spiritual beings, just as your magnificent self.

 Contact Sabina Magnus

As a Spiritual Teacher, my dedication is to serve the Soul and assist seekers of Truth on their journey towards holistic health and happiness.

Nothing more—nothing less.

During our time of inspiration and working together, I will provide you with
the necessary tools to access universal knowledge,
support you in connecting with your intuition,
and help you gain wisdom through shared experiences.

However, it is up to you to apply and integrate the invaluable insights you will receive into your lifestyle, inspire others and be a role model and bringer of light and love to the collective.

By understanding your True Self and following the calling of your Soul,
you can gracefully overcome any trouble and suffering. 

Acknowledging, understanding, transforming, or accepting yourself allows you to get in touch with the self, written with a capital “S”—your immortal Self—that will outlive your worldly self.


I am here to support you in this process and help you reclaim your true state of being:
Be holistically happy and healthy!


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