Lifestyle Counselling
based on Yogic Principles
Kundalini Yoga Classes in Comox/Courtenay

Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini Yoga as the “Mother of all Yoga styles” is also called the “Yoga of Awareness and Consciousness".

Vedic Counselling

Sabine Schulte welcomes you for Counsell

Vedic Counselling is based on ancient wisdom, which supports you to get to know your True Self.  


Join a non-judgmental group of like-
minded people, to get uplifted and
learn how to
 tap into your
source of energy.

"Being happy is your birthright!"

Get in touch with me today and claim your birthright back!  

Call or email me! Your first 15 min consultation is FREE

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Classes & Workshops

“According to Plato, we don't learn anything new.
Our soul has lived so many lives that we already know everything, 
we need to strive for in our current life.

Teachers and education can only remind us of what we already know.

Transforming our knowledge into action  is the part that needs to be accomplished!

And that is what I am here for.....serving you as a little reminder,
how to get back in touch with your "Inner Teacher" and following your "Inner Wisdom"!