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Not sure, if you want/should/could/have to attend one of my upcoming workshops? ;-)
First of all: Listen to your heart! ~ If it feels right, you are on the right track. Sometimes you just have to convince your intellectual mind as well and accept, that there is nothing to lose, but lots to gain. 


To make a decision, which suits the heart and the satisfies the mind, maybe it is helpful for you to read some feedback of previous participants

"I felt guided to attend this workshop and was surprised by how much I was able to accomplish and how it just flowed".

"My biggest take away was that I need to get out of my own way. Lol. I stepped out of my comfort zone and danced! That was so freeing! I meditated for longer than I thought I was capable of. I shared and felt comfortable with “strangers” having let down my protective wall. I learned I could lead and find a voice, and so much more." 💞

"My key take aways are : Neutrality, 3 Gunas, and qualifying yourself if you cannot accept what is real, which is me. Being more aware of the ego."

"I’ve learned the value of taking time to clear the mind and I can and will make time to meditate daily (even if it’s only for a few minutes, ).  I can also make the time to consciously run through my day, choosing my thoughts and actions, appreciating the beauty around me, and activity being present".

"I liked everything at this workshop! The knowledge, the participants, the experience and the beautiful energy".

"I liked all of it 😊 but I really enjoyed learning about the Gunas and the impersonal mind as well as the cycle of intellect".

"My most profound experience was to letting down the walls. Dancing, Trusting, truly living in the moment".

"I realized, that if I don’t forgive myself, I cannot forgive anybody else and will be in a very imbalanced stage in my life".

"Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and facilitating another amazing workshop".

Upcoming Workshops: Service

Some impressions of previous workshops:

Ein paar Eindrücke von früheren workshops:

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