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Heavenly Head Massage can be done either on the floor,  bed, couch, bench, Literally anything as long as you are comfortable.  Thai Massage mat (which is my preferred way to give massage) or a massage table are preferred options! 


Your client can be fully dressed, but you will need easy access to the chest, neck, and shoulder area. This means that most bras will get in the way because of their straps. I always ask women to take off their bras.  It is a good idea to keep a couple of T-shirts around for your clients to use if their dress is not suitable for the session. S


Most clients drift off during the session and most don't remember much of what was actually happening. This is a good thing! You can explain a few things to them after the session. There is a reason why you should not mention it before the session. If clients are not able to relax enough to experience this trance-like state, they might feel “performance” anxiety – they did not experience what you told them was “supposed” to be happening. Some people have extremely busy minds and no matter what you do, they will not let go and relax. So IF you notice that they went into a sleep/trance state during the session, or if they mention to you that they don’t remember what you had been doing, then you can explain it to them like this: • Sleep is the state where most healing in the body occurs. • The effect of HHM is there even if their conscious mind was not aware of it. • The “sleep” during the session is actually a slowing down of brain waves and therefore is more like a trance state. There are no dreams or mental activity. It is the perfect state for the body and mind to heal on a deep level. • A good example is that if you are in bed sleeping, and someone were to rub your head and manipulate your neck, you would instantly wake up. But during the HHM session you do all that, but your client is totally unaware of anything. This shows that it is not a regular sleep state. It is more like a state of trance or meditation. It is important to explain this in order to prevent clients from thinking that they wasted their money by sleeping through the session and therefore missed out on something. The fact that they don't remember much of what happened is exactly the effect we wanted to achieve. The purpose of HHM is to take the client into an altered state, get them out of their busy minds, and enable the body to do its healing work during this state. The effect of HHM is felt as this wonderful, dreamy, relaxed, floating, trance-like feeling that continues after the session. Many clients will take a while to come back to full waking consciousness after the session ends. In some cases this can take 5 or 10 minutes. You need to plan that in and allow them all the time they need before they get up.


. When working from your hara, you have more energy, are more relaxed, and you can feel energy much better. 7. Breathe out when you lean in, and breathe in when you release. As much as possible synchronize your breath with your moves. This will establish a natural slow pace of your moves and it will harmonize your energy. 8. When you breathe in (release a move), visualize drawing energy up through your spinal column and collecting it above your head. When breathing out (leaning into a move), visualize drawing this energy down through your arms and hands and flowing it into your client’s body. Visualize it as healing energy. If you like, give it a color. 9. Think “softness” when applying the techniques PREPARATION • Make sure your client is not wearing any jewelry (necklaces, ear rings etc). • Ask if your client wears contact lenses. In face massage you can work on the eyes or at least get very close to them. If a client wears contact lenses, do not work on or very close to the eyes.



do not use a soft pillow into which the head sinks, but rather something quite firm. Even a folded towel will work well. • Cover your clients with a blanket right from the start.

During deep relaxation most people will get cold, since their metabolism will slow down. 


Sensual has nothing to do with sexual. It is meant to be a very pleasant and enjoyable experience which is perceived through the sense of touch. This is not a therapeutic, clinical touch. You are not trying to accomplish anything or fix anything. T


he only goal is to allow your client to experience deep, healing, blissful relaxation. Many people will fall asleep during the session or drift in and out of a trance-like or altered state.



. They should last about one hour, approximately 15 minutes for chest and shoulders, 15 minutes for the neck, 15 minutes for the head and 15 minutes for the face. Later you can specialize in neck work and do entire sessions just on the neck. COURSE STRUCTURE • The first 14 modules contain the entire Heavenly Head Massage system. • Modules 15 and 16 cover advanced neck work. 

Offer 60 Min. Neck, Shoulder, Upper Back

And 90 min.

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