When is the best time for my yoga practice?

Generally spoken: Anytime is a good time to practice yoga and/or meditate. But there is also an optimal time to do so. It's called the "Amrit Vela".... the ambrosial time of the day, which are the hours of the day before dawn. Your morning practice should ideally take 2 - 2.5 hours (starting before the sun raises). Ideally ;-).....But be assured: Even a 10 min. consistent spiritual practice will lead to good results. According to the ancient teachings during Amrit Vela the sun is at a 60 degree angle to the earth. This angle has specific energetic qualities, which are similar to the effect the moon has on the earth's tides. At predawn (between 4 and 6 AM) the world is still quiet and its

What does "Kundalini" mean?

The word "Kundalini" origins from the word "kundal", which literally translated means: "lock of hair from the beloved". Kundalini also refers to the word "coil". If "Kundalini Energy" is awakened, it uncoils (like a lock of hair) and rises up (like a snake) from the base of the spine (thats where the Kundalini resides dormant in every human), along the central column of the spine (Sushmana) until it reaches the top of the head (crown chakra). "Kundalini Rising" refers to uncoiling and awakening the Inner Potential (Creative Energy) in every single human being. It is literally the true essence of your being, which is uncoiling and awakening to tap into your Highest Potential to be the perso



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